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Discipleship In Partnership With The Holy Spirit


The Spiritual Continuum is a unique approach to basic discipleship that is  based  on a step-by-step approach that cooperates with the gradual work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. You will learn how to understand the spiritual changes that God is making in your life. There are eight biblical practices that blend into each other. That is why this book is titled The Spiritual Continuum.


All the terms used are biblical terms such as "walking in the Spirit", "worshiping in the Spirit" and "love in the Spirit". The Spiritual Continuum is not bound to any particular culture, theology, or Christian tradition.

The Spiritual Continuum  teaches  8 practical steps in the Christian life that flow naturally into each other.  At just 93 pages, the book is brief, and the concepts are easy to impart to others in churches, seminars and bible study groups.




The 8 Practical Steps are:


      1.    Be Born - Again Of The Spirit
       2.   Set Your Mind On The Spirit

       3.   Be Filled With The Spirit

       4.   Worship In The Spirit

       5.   Walk In The Spirit

       6.   Be Led By The Spirit

       7.   Be Taught By The Spirit

       8.   Love In The Spirit


These simple steps are based around the idea of cooperating with God's grace and with the work of the Holy Spirit. This is not a works-based approach to Christian discipleship! It flows directly from the Christian's relationship with God.


These eight steps are best taught in small groups, however The Spiritual Continuum is also helpful if read alone.


The 93 page book is available on Amazon, just click here to purchase.


There is also a workbook, audio book, videos, email course and an in-church seminar.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   John Edmiston B.Sc. B.D. is the CEO of Cybermissions and  lives in Virginia with his wife Minda. John became a Christian in 1978 and soon after entered theological studies becoming a cross-cultural missionary, church pastor, and bible teacher. John Edmiston is available for preaching, teaching and seminars and here is his LinkedIn profile.













The Spiritual Continuum is (c) copyright Cybermissions 2017, and the author is John Edmiston,  The Spiritual Continuum

may be freely used for non-profit Christian ministry purposes but may not be sold in any way. For permission to translate or to use extensively you may

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