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Introduction to the Spiritual Continuum

3 minutes. high-definition, quick introduction to the Spiritual Continuum discipleship series.


Session 1 - Being Born-Again

14 minutes, high-definition, explains what it means to be born-again.


Session 2 - Setting Your Mind On The Spirit
26 minutes, high-definition, explains how to set your mind on the Spirit and have life and pace.


Session 3 -  Be Filled With The Spirit

24 minutes, high-definition, how to be filled with the Spirit and the Word, and also how to be baptized with the Holy Spirit.


Session 4 - Worshiping In The Spirit

13 minutes, high-definition, how to worship in the Spirit

Session 5 - Walking In The Spirit

15 minutes, high-definition, how to walk in the Spirit so that you do not carry out the lusts of the flesh.

Session 6 - Being Led by The Spirit

15 minutes, high-definition, how to be led by the Spirit so that you obey God in the details of life.


Session 7 - Being Taught of the Spirit

14 minutes, high-definition, how to be taught and instructed by the Holy Spirit so you become a mature Christian.

Session 8 - Love In The Spirit

16 minutes, high-definition, how to love other people in the power of the Holy Spirit and thus fulfill God's law and God's will for your life.


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